Tanya Pack is Haitian-American woman who has come to set a new standard in the world of beauty by demystifying its use and application to the everyday working woman. From an early Age, Tanya was always fascinated with the world of fashion and makeup.  But then again, which young sassy girl isn’t?    However, her parents had different plans. After pursuing the career path of a nursing then teaching at the University of Miami, which left for unfulfilled and in debt, Tanya made a bold move back to New York after to pursue her passion in the art of makeup.  But, it wasn’t all glitz and glam.

Like most stars on their way to greatness, Tanya experience various trials but  being the pioneering woman she has grown to be and a lot of prayer,  she quickly secured other means to move forward.   She started freelancing and introduced the idea of makeup counters into local beauty salons.  Things were on the upswing… then she lost her father 24 months later due to medical complications he’d battled for years.  The loss of a loved one never comes at a good time and this hit right at the birth of FancyFaceArtistry and its sister component, Blink Fancy.

Having trained and worked with the best in the industry at MAC Cosmetics, Dior, Chanel, Laura Mercier and more for the last 14+ years as a makeup artist and instructor, along with her 7+ years of experience as an eyelash extension specialist, her company prides itself on keeping women informed about simple ways to enhance their natural looks without the need to stock an endless supply of beauty products in their makeup cellars. Along with creating a “flawless look,” the staffers of FancyFaceArtistry focus on the person as a whole as they bring forth inner beauty with nail care, hair services, and FanceFaceArtistry’s personally designed makeup, including mineral loose foundations and lip glosses.

Tanya took her teaching education and her 14+ years of experience in the field of makeup artistry and launched FancyFaceArtistry through a rocky start while still working full time as a makeup artist with other brands.  Her passion and experience, along with her affable personality provides her clients with an educated, caring and savvy makeup artist.  All factors which add to the success of her creative styling team and her business as a whole.

Tanya displays her mastery for creating the right look, “A Flawless Look”.  Whether it is through artistry techniques, enhancing beautiful skin tones and offering breathtaking shading to her diverse roster of clients, Tanya has the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of her subject, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Today’s woman desires to be more active, attractive and in better shape than ever before. From hair to make-up to nails, women have always sought to enhance their beauty. Their goal is to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside. FancyFaces endless array of color and product innovations enables us to create looks for every occasion. Educating woman on enhancing and maintaining their natural beauty is our main goal.   “I love to inspire woman to look and feel their best. Our goal is to Inspire Beauty one face at a time!”

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