What are eyelash extensions?
– Eyelash extensions are tiny hairs that are infused individually on your natural lash hairs.

What type of glue do you use?
– The adhesive is a special surgical grade glue that does not contain formalihid

How long do they last?
– The eyelashes typically last up to 4 weeks.

How long does the procedure take?
– The procedure can take an 1hour – 2hours, depending on the type of eyelash service.

What length & colors do you have?
– We currently have brown and black hairs. Our lengths are from 7mm-16mm

Are the lashes straight or curly?
– The lashes come in various curls. We offer a J, B, and C curl. J curl is a very light curl. B curl is medium curl and C is a tighter curl.

Where are you located?
– We are between 15th & 16th street and park ave south. Our address is
32 Union Sq East
Suite 311
New York, Ny 10003

What are the lashes made of?
– the eyelashes are made of soft, lightweight mink hairs.

Can you wear mascara?
– No! That would ruin the lashes.

How it works…
Step 1: If you’ve read this far, you’ve completed step one! Congratulations!
Step 2: Select the color, length and fullness of your lashes.
Step 3: Book your appointment via our online calendar or call: 212 533 2484